2016 Christmas Blog Series: Days 2 & 3

I was going to post Day 2 late last night (right after shopping on Lazada, because there was a VR for 140 PHP. WHAT.) but the baby woke up, so I went to lay down beside him and we both fell asleep. Hehehe

Anyhoo, here’s the question for Day 2:

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?


Japan. I always want to go to Japan. Even if it’s not for the holidays. It’s the ease of transportation, the people, the atmosphere, the food. I’ve been there enough times for certain places to feel familiar, but there are still so many places to explore.  I don’t need to be in a Christmas-y place for the holidays, but I would love to be somewhere cold. So, really, anywhere cold!

Day 3 question:

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Our Christmas Eve party is a big deal for my family. It’s the most awaited event we celebrate each year. The effort we put in preparing for it is greater than the effort we put for all our birthdays combined. I remember several years back when my then-boyfriend (now-husband) said he won’t be joining us for my family’s Christmas Eve celebration, and I was just SO upset. I almost cried. I think I actually did. I probably did. That was also the time I found out that he didn’t have the same enthusiasm as I did for the event. Hahaha

Anyway, my point is, the whole Christmas Eve tradition of getting together, being dressed up to the nines, playing games, exchanging themed gifts, taking pictures… they’re all my favorite.

This year though, my husband and I started our own family traditions. I set-up an advent calendar and made an advent wreath. We want to refocus Christmas-time on the real reason for the season, which is Jesus Christ. For so long, it was really all about the gifts and glitz for me. Although I’m still very excited about this year’s celebration, I’m equally happy that we pushed through with our advent activities.

For the advent calendar, I cut up envelopes into halves, wrote 1-25 on them, clipped them on some string (with the openings on top) to make them look like bunting, and hung them up. For the actual activities, I just listed down some things we can do as a family and then assigned one activity each day from December 1 to the 25th. I typed them out in Excel, printed them out, cut into strips, and stuck one strip in each envelope-half. My husband’s in-charge of checking what activity we have for the day, but maybe next year, the little chunk can be the one to do it!


I got our advent wreath tradition printable from this site. On certain days, our advent calendar activity was “advent wreath”, so that’s when we would read Scripture and discuss it. I made our wreath out of a pie pan, tea light candles, coffee beans, and random pieces of Christmas decoration I found. If you want more inspiration on how to make your own advent wreath (it’s not too late!), you can check out my friend’s post here. She lists down several examples of advent wreaths made of things you might already have at home.

We’re halfway through our advent calendar and it’s been fun! My husband, sometimes, even takes a peek on what activity we have for the next day, so that he can “be prepared” for it. 🙂

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


Check out the complete set of questions for the Christmas Blog Series here. 🙂


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