2016 Christmas Blog Series: Day 1

Since my first entry, I’ve been starting new drafts every time I log in. So that means I’m working on several entries simultaneously. Including this one! When I’ll finish those other entries, who knows? Who cares? Nobody knows about this blog anyway… I mean, my husband knows about this, but he doesn’t count. I don’t even know when I’ll let people know I blog…. or how… like, “Hey, check out my blog!”…?

Anyway, last night, my friend Abby, posted this Christmas Blog Series thing, and of course I have to join her. Because, obviously, I need to add more to my growing list.

Aaand this is how I failed two of my courses during college. (Procrastinating from finishing things I started, not writing about Christmas.)

Just like her, I 1) love Christmas and 2) need to keep my brain cells active. As a stay-at-home-mama, I’m rarely around other adults. I need practice speaking in complete sentences.

Now, on to it!

The first question in the series is: What were some of your childhood Christmas traditions?

My mom always put up the tree before Halloween. When we still celebrate dHalloween, we would have scary decorations outside, but it would be full-on Christmas time inside.

Until I was in college, we’d have/attend 5 family-related parties. (1) One with relatives in my dad’s side, (2) one with my mom’s side,  (3) one with just my family, (4) a Christmas day lunch with my grandma’s brother’s family, (5) and a Christmas day dinner with my dad’s cousins + some distant relatives. I know, right.

For the first two parties, we usually dressed in the same color as our family. Like, a team color. We’d have games, then we’d eat, then we’ll give out our gifts. The gift-giving always starts with the youngest gift-giver. My parents would give out money through paikot, instead of throwing it into the air, so that no one gets hurt. Hahaha!

We used to have Noche Buena with my dad’s side, and we’d wait until almost midnight to exchange gifts, so that by the time we’re done, it would be Christmas day, and then we’d beso each other, and then get to open the gifts. There will always be lechon, which is always delivered whole, and is always chopped up by my uncle, while he wears a girly apron. I think that one is the only tradition that has not changed at all.



The rest of the questions are here. Join us if you can!


2 thoughts on “2016 Christmas Blog Series: Day 1

    1. We “fall in line”, but in a circle. Hahahaha or, in a real line but after you get money, you fall in line again. we just go round and round until there’s nothing left. Sometimes we even incorporate dancing to make it challenging. Hahaha


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